Mloveizm Art Magazine Interview

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Melissa Leslie of and share some of my perspective on the craft and on my passions.

The Mission of Mloveizm Art

Artists with a Heartbeat…

“Here at MLoveizm, our hopes are to serve others in providing the best platform possible to promote other Artists, Galleries, Fashion Designers, Animators, Music and Charities worldwide to tightly unite the family together. We are particularly proud of Artists who create works that not only evoke something inside the minds and hearts but call for action in each individual that sees or hears the masterpieces.

Our modern world is confining us to dark rooms logged onto the net or watching TV for hours upon days.  Here at MLoveizm Magazine, we strongly believe in networking and helping each other out.  We also believe that our gifts are not our own and shouldn’t be hoarded for self glory but for others in a way that uplifts, edifies, admonishes and inspires.

This site is created to be shared and to touch those who are searching for something real…”

Take a moment and check it out!

Thank you,

Brandon Scott Elrod

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