TEDx Orange Coast

Rick Warren recently tweeted that he had tickets to the 2011 TEDx Orange Coast: Innovation without Borders conference, and he was making them available to church planters. I got in touch and tickets were reserved for me.

The conference was held at the Segerstrom Concert Hall. Speakers, and there were many, were limited to 18 minute presentations. This allowed for a barrage of ideas presented in their most concise form. It was a great day. As with any such conference, there were lowlights as well as the highlights. But, the highlights were truly memorable.

Here are some of my favorite quotes of the day:

Innovators develop a quiet mind. They discipline themselves to eliminate as much mental garbage as possible resulting from “staying abreast.”

I’m not concerned that you are going to fail at something. I am concerned that you will succeed at something that doesn’t matter.

The first follower is the person who turns a lone nut into a leader.

The first follower demonstrates bravery, and ultimately, some level of leadership, in modeling to others how to follow.

We French have a rule: Never snack-But eat what you want, three times per day, with your friends.

Borders are where the actual ends and imagination begins.

Music will never enter our lives on command.

*  *  *

Here is Amy Purdy-a very inspirational story. Sudden bacterial meningitis at 19 took her kidneys and her legs. She has since, and as a result, risen to live out her passions.

Rick Warren between sessions. Thank you for the tickets!

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