Praying for Wisdom

I pray for wisdom a lot. I pray for wisdom in the leadership of my family and my business. I have recently found myself praying for wisdom much more than usual, as the last few months have been especially difficult for my business.

I continue to pray for wisdom because I have experienced God’s provision of wisdom at just the right moments, and I expect that He will continue to provide. As such, I have begun to gain some clarity on the process that I thought I would take some time to document, as it will help me clarify my experience even further by putting in on paper.

When I pray for wisdom, what I am really asking for is for God to infuse me with an ability to always make the best decision in any situation, regardless of the context.

And, since I keep having to ask for it, it is clear that God is not planning to accommodate that request. What He does, however, is give me wisdom in the moments. It would seem that He prefers this, as it inspires and encourages me, and keeps me dependent on Him continually. If I just had the pervasive, all-encompassing wisdom that we think of King Solomon having, I would probably become too self-sufficient for my own good.

There have been a few instances in the last month or so where God has answered my requests for wisdom about a very specific situation, and the results have been profound. He has provided wisdom at just the right time, and it has enabled me to see options that were previously unknown to me. Thank You, God, for Your provision.

It is said that if you pray for patience, that God will give you circumstances that teach you patience, the hard way, but all because you asked for it. I would say that the same is true for wisdom. If you pray for wisdom, God is certain to allow situations where the stakes are high and the consequences are weighty. They are, ultimately, perfect moments to teach us the difference between wisdom and poor decision.

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