Happy Death-day, Mr. Lewis

C.S. Lewis was a man who knew why he was placed on this earth. He was created with the ability to write well, for sure, but to what end?

Mr. Lewis inspired us, challenged us, fired us up, all in a manner that would reflect back on His Creator. He wrote to the young. He wrote to the intellectuals. He used directness. He used metaphor. But, he used it to point back to His Creator.

One of the greatest questions in life is “Why? Why was I created?” In some cases it is a desperate, gut-wrenching cry. In others, it is a nagging thought that just won’t go away. Some don’t hear the answer, because they do not know their Shepherd’s voice. Some do…very few do. Jesus said that His sheep know His voice. As you ask this great life question for yourself, what do you hear from Him? Can you hear Him? What is keeping you from “becoming” the person that He already says you are?

Why are there so few C.S. Lewis’s? Perhaps it is because so few are listening.

Happy Death-day, Mr. Lewis. I hope to meet you on the other side.